(01-03/04/20) – ERT2 We Learn in The House @10:00


Every morning at 10pm from ERT2, the educational television of the Ministry of Education returns to public television, updated and adapted to the contemporary reality and the special needs of the time.

In the familiar environment of a classroom, teachers of all levels stand in front of the camera to deliver elementary school students and pupils, keeping the children in … learning alert until the schools reopen. The purpose of the project is not – obviously – to substitute for life-long teaching, so the lessons are geared towards repetition and deepening of the material already taught.

The courses are available on the ERTHybrid hybrid platform, webtv.ert.gr/shows/mathainoume-sto-spiti/, and on ERT’s official YouTube channel.

Wednesday 01/04/2020
Physics E – F ‘Temperature – Heat’
Physics E ‘Electrical Circuit / Conductors – Insulators’
Language E ‘Verb Approaches’

Thursday 02/04/2020
Mathematics B – F ‘Mental Acts (Addition – Subtraction) – Part One’
Mathematics D – F ‘Mental Acts (Addition – Subtraction) – Part B’
Language B ‘Production of Written Speech: Descriptive Reason’

Friday 03/04/2020
Glossa III “Writing a Word: Narrative Speech”
Physics E ‘- F’ Properties of Light ‘
Language F ‘Transitional, transitive, connective verbs’.

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