(01-03/07/19) – How to train your Dragon 3 (Cine Anny) Greek language only

The film is running from Monday 1/07/2019 to Wednesday 3/07/2019 and opening time 21:30. The film is translated into Greek.

In the new film, the head and governor of Burke, having Astrid by his side, has created a well-Hidden Utopia of dragons, where they can live free and in full harmony with their environment. However, the danger will not be long before it appears and the darkest threat will upset the balance of this well-kept city, as well as Burke Island. Hiccup and toothless are invited to leave the safety of the only home they have known, for a difficult journey towards the exciting battle in legend worlds, against the terrible evil that threatens everyone. Their destiny will be to fight United, with self-confidence, to the depths of the earth, for all the ” values ” that they have acquired together in their adventures and for everything they have learned to consider ” ideal “. this is how it will be tested decisive and The power of their friendship.

Source -FB post of Cine Anny

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