(01-07/08/19) – Annabelle Comes Home showing at Cine Anny

The movie feature from Thursday 1/08/2019 to Wednesday 7/08/2019. time of screening 23:00.
The movie will be projected from Thursday 1/08/19 utill Wednesday 2/08/19. Start time 23:00.

Determined to prevent Annabelle from creating greater chaos, the demons ed and Lorraine Warren lock the demon doll in their house, place it “safely” behind a holy glass and ask for the blessing of a priest. But a demon night is imminent as Annabelle wakes up the evil spirits of the hall, and together they turn against the 10-Year-old daughter of Warren, Judy and her friends.

Directed by James wan
With: Patrick Wilson, Vera Pharmínka, makkína grace, Madison Áizman, Katie Sharif

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