At the Municipal Theater of Argostoli “KEFALOS” the program of the Municipal Cinema continues with the Drama Movie:


Dramatic 2019 Color | Duration: 122 ′ Suitable: Over 18 years old

Directed by Todd Phillips

With them: Joaquin Phoenix , Robert de Niro , Zazai Beach

In a troubled Gotham City, Arthur Fleck is a socially inept, lonely man who lives with his mother and works as a clown. He’s dreaming of a comedian career, but when the strangling pressure of his surroundings culminates, his explosion will take on unpredictable proportions.


 Friday 3/1 → 9.00 pm

 Saturday 4/1 → 6.30pm & 9.00pm

 Sunday 5/1/2020 → 6.30pm

Happy New Year to Health!

The President of KEDIDKE

Spyros A. Pefanis