(04/07/20) – Sami nautical Museum re-opens with addition of The Titanic

We are very pleased to announce that next Saturday 4 July, the Sami Navy Museum will open its gates for this year. Opening hours will be: Daily 10:00 & 17:00-19:00.

To equally important now. We had announced at the closure of last year that we will return… renewed, while a few months ago we informed you that Sotiris Marketos is curated with a lot of passion perhaps the most famous ship in history…

We are pleased to announce that the legendary Titanic takes his place at the Sami Navy Museum! A loyal copy of 4 meters long, which we are sure will impress you.

In closing, the Sami Naval Museum, respecting public health above all, gives you the recommendations and measures of the Ministry of Culture for koronoïó, which it will implement:

• Distance of 2 meters should be kept
• Open circuit air conditioners allowed only
• A specific number of people will enter per hour
• Recommendation of the use of protective mask and alcoholic antiseptic solution
• Special rules for hygiene areas
• Special procedure for setting up the public entry-output flow

* In addition to the space, a ventilation system will also operate.

PS. For more information visit our site: https://www.nmsamis.gr/

YG2. We are waiting for you!

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