(07-09/02/20) The film 1917 showing at The Kefalos Theatre Argostoli

At the Municipal Theater of Argostoli “KEFALOS” continues the program of Municipal Cinema, with the War movie: “1917”

Military 2019 Color | Duration: 119 
Anglo-American Film, Directed by Sam Mentes With: Dean – Charles Chapman, George McKay, Colin Fair, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Strong

In the penultimate year of World War II, two young British soldiers undertake a seemingly impossible task: to cross enemy lines to deliver a letter that will save the lives of hundreds of soldiers and one of their brothers.

Friday 7/2 → 9.00pm 
Saturday 8/2 → 6.00pm & 
9.00pm Sunday 9/2/2020 → 6.00pm

Have fun! 
The President of KEDIDKE

Spyros A. Pefanis

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