(09/06/19) – Clean Myrtos Beach 11:00am

The Ecological Recycling initiative under the Zero Waste Resource program Coco Cola Greece is aiming at the reduction of waste on beaches, organizes cleaning action on Myrtos Beach Kefalonia on Sunday 9th June.

The action takes place with the participation of the municipality of kefallonias , volunteers and local bodies.

The unique natural beauty of beach ranks in the first place of tourist worlwide, which is why the flagship cleaning will contribute to raising citizens and visitors awareness to reduce plastic on beaches.

Come and become part of this effort and send together the message of the necessity of the most precious capital of our country it natural resources.

more information on this intiative at https://www.coca-cola.gr/articles/programma-anakiklwnw-stin-paralia-as-kratisoume-kathares-thalasses-kai-aktes


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