(09/08/19) Prokris Park – A spectacular Balloon show, dancing, singing, laughing and lots of surprises!

If you have young children on the island this could be a great few hours entertainment at Prokris park Mazarakata (behind of Jumbo). The park has a cafe area serving snacks for the adults as well.

Adventures in Balonopolis 
Friday 09 August 
————————————- ——————————-
The first Balloon show in Greece
Great balloon constructions

Great unique balloon constructions for all children by by Mr balloon

Phoebus, a smart and shy child, through the dream of waking up in a secret crypt of Balonoupolis

through mythical balloon-testing transforms the clearest balonopoio and unique “weapon” colorful balloons, creates interactive stories and saves Balonup States.

Director / Texts: Giorgos Maginis
Motion Curator: Dimitra Pangalou
Fivos: Giorgos Maginis

Playground PROKRIS
Mazarakata, Kefalonia

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