(10/05/19) from 10:00-13:00 Stone Painting -Hosted by Detta Darnell at Wild Soul Art Poros

Sticks & stones may break me but glitter and paint excite me!

A lovely day for one to four people at my creative little cottage near the sea. We’ll chat then stroll down the beach to gather and beach comb for sticks and stones to bring back to paint. We will then decorate a little container with driftwood to house your new creation.

No experience or artistic ability needed – this is about unleashing gently, your inner creative soul and enjoy playing along the way.

Lunch is included. We will end with a relaxing guided mediation to send your on your way happy and inspired.

These days are available along with other inner artist days all summer. I have put this one down as a a starter to let you know whats available for creative expression with me Detta Darnell at my little creative shack near the sea.


60 euro per person for the day all materials and lunch included.

Please contact me to book.

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