10 days quarantine for those coming from Great Britain

The new measures for travelers coming to Greece from Great Britain. What applies from the morning of Tuesday, December 22

The quarantine , which should be submitted to travelers entering our country from Great Britain , as part of the emergency measures after the detection of a new strain of coronavirus, becomes ten days again from 6 tomorrow morning, Tuesday 22 December .

According to a new air directive of the Civil Aviation Authority , which will be valid until January 7, it provides for three measures for travelers from Great Britain , namely:

  • Negative PCR coronary test and not a rapid test upon arrival at the airport.
  • 10-day quarantine instead of 7 that was announced yesterday.
  • Undergo a coronary molecular test after ten days in order to be able to leave quarantine (proof you do not have covid)
  • Negative 72-hour entry tests are still valid as well as the completion of the PLF

The NOTAM of the CAA for quarantine to those coming from Great Britain

“The Civil Aviation Authority ( CAA ) announces to the passenger public the new air directive (notam) for arrivals from the United Kingdom which will be valid from Tuesday 22 December at 06.00 in the morning until Thursday 7 January 2021 at midnight.
According to the new data, all passengers entering Greece with flights from the United Kingdom will be subject to a rapid test and a ten-day (10) mandatory precautionary restriction at home or at the place of temporary residence stated on the PLF form, unless they remain in Greece for a shorter period of time, so the temporary restriction is valid for this period of time, ie until their departure. In order to get out of quarantine, those arriving from the UK will have to undergo a new PCR test when the 10-day period is completed, which will be negative in order to lift the mandatory precautionary restriction.

Also, the obligation of all travelers from abroad, including travelers from the United Kingdom, to have a negative molecular (PCR) test of 72 hours and to fill in the PLF form in order to enter the Greek Territory “continues.

source – ethnos.gr

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