10 – non mask wearing violations in Kefalonia over the weekend


Corfu, September 1, 2020


Results of tests for measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the Ionian Islands

Three (3) people were arrested and a total of (98) violations for not using a mask were confirmed

Intensive checks are carried out in the Ionian Islands by special teams of the Services of the respective Police Directorates for the implementation of the measures to prevent and limit the spread of the coronavirus.

In this context, from Friday (28.08.2020) to Monday (31.08.2020), during the checks carried out, two (2) people were arrested in Zakynthos and one in Corfu.

Specifically, in Corfu on Sunday (30.08.2020) a local was arrested because he was operating, as a temporary manager, a store of health interest, after midnight.

An administrative fine (10,000) euros and a three-day suspension were imposed.

In Zakynthos , in two cases on Sunday (30.08.2020) and on Monday (31.08.2020) two foreigners were arrested for organizing an event in a private space, exceeding the prescribed limit of persons, and they were fined.

In addition, during the same period for not using a mask, a total of (98) violations were confirmed, of which (66) in Corfu, (17) in Zakynthos, (10) in Kefalonia and (5) in Lefkada, with the imposition of an administrative fine (150) euros, as appropriate.

The cases against the two arrested will be forwarded to the competent Prosecution Authorities.

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