Seat Belt are there to be used for your own good!

Sitting in a café on the beach in Argostoli, one day in August, I watched hundreds of cars passing by uninterruptedly. Due to their slow speeds (beach traffic is now more than nightmarish) I could easily see which drivers were driving and zone and who not.

The results of my sadistic observation are disappointing !!!.

The vast majority of passengers did not wear seat belts !!!.

Violators include all races and both sexes. Tourists (Greeks and foreigners), professional drivers (taxi drivers, carriers, coach drivers), locals and, of course, almost all drivers of public interest vehicles (officials and officials). 

Most offenders were at both ends of age spectrum … either too young or too old.

Women too were more !!!!

Tragic, unacceptable, unthinkable, incomprehensible in 2019 for this situation to prevail.

We are talking about a tourist destination, at the height of the season, on a highly problematic road network, with the majority of drivers unaware of the roads and yet devalued the minimum safety belt requirement.

The police were absent. Rather than chasing smokers is a much more serious issue than enforcing order and punishing or even punishing the asphalt “dead”.

What is more important in the end? … the police check me if I have an exhaust card in an Argostoli that smells like a ditch or “literally” cuts me off if I don’t wear a belt, if I don’t primarily respect myself and my passengers and their subordinates others?.

Of course, the issue of the zone does not, in my humble opinion, fall into the thorn and the threat of punishment and fine.

The movement of the belt positioning must be done mechanically, without a second thought, without distractions and doubts.

You tie with it as you tie in and the obvious desire for security and protection.

Wear the belt at last … it won’t bite you !!!!!!

Markatos Anastasios

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