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Premiere takes place at midnight at 112. Chardalias: The “new 112” is an important tool in our hands 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How to make the information that will save lives.

New data in the field of Civil Protection, and in particular the ability to quickly service citizens at risk or in need of any help, as well as responding to emergencies from the State, signifies the change of time today at midnight, as, among other things, it begins and officially the integrated operation of the European emergency number ‘112’.

At the same time, a public consultation was also held yesterday afternoon on the draft Civil Protection Act, which includes the reorganization of the Fire Department, as promised by the government and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

As of tomorrow, he will be responsible for the use of the “new 112”, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection and the centers will be fully operational 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The integrated operation of 112 means that, in addition to calls for help, which before the citizens could make, messages will now also be sent from this service to citizens, in cases of very serious danger, to be removed from areas at such risk. , or other instructions to protect them, plus the ability to automatically locate the caller.

Secretary General Nikos Chardalias, in a statement to RES-EIA, referred to the opportunities offered by 112, but stressed that its use must be made very carefully and soberly, calling on citizens to stand up to the GAPP task.

Kardalias: The “new 112” is an important tool in our hands

“The ‘new 112’ will be able to inform citizens in very targeted and specific areas if necessary,” Mr Chardalias said, adding: “But at this point I would like to emphasize two things, to put the general framework in place and prevent any misconceptions. First, the new system will not be used in the slightest. The “new 112” is an important tool in our hands in the service of the citizen and civil protection. However, it should be used very carefully when it is only considered necessary by the authorities, since in a natural disaster the first factor to take into consideration is the human factor, that is, the coordinate reactions that must exist. And in this we invite everyone to stand up for our work,

Mr Chardalias will inaugurate the complete operation of the ‘new 112’, changing time with call center staff, housed in the Chalandri Fire Department Business Center, and wish him a happy new year at all shifts.

On Wednesday at 07.30 in the morning, the CG will board a Super Puma helicopter for symbolic purposes in Paxos, where he will speak with the staff of the fire station, which is in the most remote western part of Greece, and will also meet with the mayor.

New features and how 112 works

112 is an integrated emergency communications service, which includes an incoming and outgoing limb. As for the incoming arm, citizens can call 112 free of charge in any emergency, anywhere in Greece and the EU, but also in other countries, such as Switzerland and South Africa. In the outbound leg, they may receive alert through various communication technologies and channels for an imminent or ongoing catastrophic event or hazardous situation that poses an immediate threat to your life, health or safety in order to receive instructions on taking action self-protection.

How is this update done?

Those with a smartphone will receive a written warning (Cell Broadcast – CB) message, which will be displayed on the cell phone screen and will be accompanied by a distinctive alarm tone (unlike any other device alert tone). What is required is that mobile users have up-to-date firmware from the manufacturer and in parallel to their terminals.

Those who do not have a smart phone can access the website of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, where there is a special service for 112, to register and register the way they want to receive alerts.

This can be either a mobile message, a voice alert on a landline, or emails that anyone can read on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or laptop.

112 connects the caller, depending on the emergency report he reports, with the Police, Fire Brigade, EKAB, Coast Guard, National SOS 1056 and European Missing Children 116000.

Phone calls to 112 are answered by specially trained operators in Greek, English and French.

Note that dialing 112 is free of charge and can be made from a landline or mobile phone (even without a SIM card).

The call to 112 can also be made from public telephone booths without a calling card.

Number 112 operates within the reach of any mobile network. If the event area is not covered by the caller’s mobile network, the call to 112 is made through other mobile networks covering that area (national and international roaming service).

But very important is that the call to 112 enables the location of the caller.

Citizens can also call 112 by alternative means, such as by text, fax, or email at contact@112.gov.gr.

The center of the “new 112” can handle too many calls and employ 100 people. Each shift will have OTE voice mails and liaison officers from the Fire Brigade, ELAS, the Coast Guard, the EKAB, and there is also a senior shift officer.

source -newsit.gr

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