1136 + flights direct to Kefalonia for Summer season 2021

At present without BA flights from Heathrow the main airlines are offering an incredible 1136 direct flights to Kefalonia for Summer 2021.

Clearly we don’t know how the season will eventually turn out primarily regarding impact from covid restrictions, here on the island the cases figures are very low at present,  primarily because we have been in lockdown since 7 November which will not be reviewed until 7th January 2021.

In Greece the vaccination program has just started with the majority of the population scheduled for vaccination by mid to late Summer, the most vulnerable will have been done before the tourist season commences.

There will clearly be an update from Greece and UK regarding any covid related travel requirements before the first flights are due at the end of March.

Brexit changes are already clear, ensure you have 6 months validity on your passport, UK driving licence are OK for hiring cars, EHIC can still be used but additional health insurance is strongly recommended.

You will not need a visa for entry in 2021 but there will be changes to duty free arrangements.

Bearing the above in mind and planning for a successful full season;

Only Easyjet are flying during late March & April which is disappointing as Kefalonia is attempting to elongate its tourism season and the big bicentennial celebration will (BIG “if permitted”) be on 25 March to mark the 200 since the Greek revolution. This is swiftly followed by Greek Easter celebrations in early May.

The main tourism season commences in the first week of May when all the other airlines commence direct flights to the island.

The season winds down at its traditional end date of recent years in mid October.

Most airlines and accommodation are offering flexibility to transfer dates for free at present so it seems like a good time to get booking that dream holiday in Kefalonia for 2021.


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