(13-19/06/19) – The Cliffs of Freedom at Cine Anny 21:30

The film show from Thursday 13/06/2019 to Wednesday 19/06/2019 opening time 21:30.

“The Cliffs of Freedom” is the story of an unlucky love between a young Greek peasant woman and a Turkish officer on the dawn of the war for the independence of Greece against the Ottoman Empire in 1821. Twenty-year-old Anna-Christina falls in love with Colonel Tarik, a rising star of the Turkish army, who has great doubts about the brutal methods of governing his compatriots and who had given her life when he was a child and found himself on the brink of a cliff … but the budding dullio brings a tragedy to her family and her village. Vowed to avenge the Turks, Christina takes part in the Greek Revolution and inevitably becomes a local symbol of the Greek resistance movement, inspiring her compatriots and provoking the anger of the Turks, who offer a reward for her head. Having believed that she could leave her feelings back, Christina must face the man who loves her even and wants to keep her safe, but now she has been entrusted with her captivity. Their encounters and skirmishes inevitably lead to a tragic confrontation during a critical battle between the Greeks and the Turks that will change the course of history.

Directed by: Van Ling
With: Tania Raymond, Gian Udine, Raza Jeffrey, Patti Lupon, Christopher Plarm, Kevin Corigan, Billy Zain, Dino Kelly, Jaymi Christian Worth, Kostas Mantilor, Simon Kassianidis, Rachel Cassidy, Ruth Gemel, Carlo Rota,

source – FB post of Cine Anny

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