13% VAT reduction: Which products will be sold cheaper from Monday

The whole list of the cheapest products due to VAT from Monday

From Monday, June 1, the new VAT rates on dozens of products and services will be activated  . All the changes are provided for in the amendment submitted late Wednesday night to Parliament, which specializes in most of the support measures announced by the government last week.
According to the amendment, the products and services that will be taxed at 13% VAT, whether we buy them from the supermarket or order them in the cafeteria , are as follows:

    • Mineral water
    • Cola type soft drink
    • Lemonade-Lemonita
    • Orange juice
    • Sour cherry juice
    • Ice tea
    • Alcohol-free beer (with zero content)
    • Coffee, tea
    • Milk substitute
    • Chocolate milk
    • Fruit juice
    • Juice nectar
    • Toning preparations
    • Isotonic preparations
    • Energy drinks

Also, 13% VAT will apply to the following services:

    • Cinema tickets
    • Air tickets
    • Ferry tickets
    • Transportation (person transport)

source – ethnnos.gr

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