13032 -The new SMS code for shopping in retail stores is ready if required

The Ministry of Digital Government has a new five-digit number to which citizens will send sms for their travels to retail stores. The move is aimed at facilitating retail, but will be at the discretion of infectious disease specialists.

According to information from the Ministry of Digital Government, the five-digit number will be 13032 to which sms will be sent by citizens who want to make purchases from retail stores.

However, whether it will be put into operation depends on when the retail trade will open and whether the measure will be adopted by the infectious disease committee.

As iefimerida.gr wrote earlier, the government is considering the facilitation of retail, by creating a new number, to which citizens will have to send SMS in order to enter the market, having three hours for shopping or through the click away method. either through the click in shop .

The new 5-digit number for SMS and the 3-hour number for purchases
The same information states that consumers will not have unlimited time at their disposal, but three hours in order to make their purchases and return home again. The reason for the time limit for shopping in stores is to avoid overcrowding, such as those observed the last time the stores opened.

For which transfers will 13033 apply
This 5-digit number will only apply to purchases in retail stores and not to supermarkets, to which consumers will continue to go by sending code 2 to 13033. The six known SMS codes that are valid until today will remain and will not will change something in them.

Essentially, the new 5-digit number for SMS will act as a timer for consumers. At the same time, the possibility of a “cutter” in the text messages does not seem to be considered, so that citizens have the right to a specific SMS number in the new number.

“At the moment we are considering measures especially for retail, we want together with Mr. Georgiadis and Mr. Papathanasis technological measures, which will allow the faster opening of retail so that the market can work”, said the Minister of Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis on the radio station Parapolitika FM.

What marketers say about SMS
Speaking to ERT, the president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Stavros Kafounis , claimed that “the information tells us that on Monday we will operate with a different SMS. We know that retail will precede other industries. It is not enough just to open with a loose model, if it is to close again. So let’s plan the opening that will reach us by Easter “.

According to Mr. Kafounis, according to the same information, the SMS will last for three hours . “It will be a separate SMS for shopping and retail. Do not fall into the trap of the past, with the multiple two-hour SMS, to be constantly out. It was bad after all. I do not know how bad it was for public health, but it was definitely bad for the image the market showed. “Let’s avoid that.”

The president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce added that with the new SMS it should be ensured “that we will all abide by it. To be controlled, with strict policing “. It should be noted that, among other things, traders are requesting an extension of the discounts until the end of March . “It’s a technical issue, there are goods left unavailable. All companies will make great offers from Monday. We need a simple decision of the ministry “, stressed Stavros Kafounis.

Source- iefimerida.gr 

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