13033 Travel and SMS restrictions

The SMS to 13033 to leave the house during the nationwide lockdown for the coronavirus that applies to travel restrictions have returned, however citizens should be aware that they can not make reckless use.

As revealed by the Secretary General of Commerce and Consumer Protection, Panagiotis Stampoulidis, the sms on 13033 may not have a specific limit, however the system has the ability to detect the mobile phone numbers that send a text message for many movements. In these cases the system can say “no” and “deny” the exit to the sender.

“There is no limit as a process, but if the system sees that you move many times”, the Secretary of Commerce will cut you, speaking to ANT1.

Exit and traffic only after receiving a response from 13033

He also clarified that in case a citizen sends a message to 13033 and does not receive a reply, then before leaving his house, he should send a message again until he receives a reply . Not receiving an answer may be due to the fact that at that time, in the specific area, there are many messages. However, it is necessary to have the answer from 13033 on his mobile phone in order to be able to move, otherwise he risks a fine.


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