(15-16/08/19) – Komitata Village Celebration

The Board of Directors of the Komitata Cultural Association is pleased to invite you to our annual village festival, August 15 & 16, at 9pm, on the occasion of the great summer holiday of August 15th. 
In this very special, two-day celebration, which we look forward to every year, we will all be found again, young and old, from our village and the whole island, but also our hosts from all over the world. 
We are expecting many good friends with us, to dance the ball, the divaratic, the meringue, and not only, with the sounds of the violin and the six-member orchestra of the famous Zesimos Sklavounakis, who after years have the honor of hosting us , under the thought of Our Lady of Haliker.
We invite everyone to feast on the never sleeping village, eat delicacies from our barbecue along with plenty of frozen beers, to claim exquisite and varied gifts from the lottery, and to see the sky painted rose in the sky, from the Ithaca mountains. 
We are looking forward and wishing you good luck !!!

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