(15-17/07/19) -Ugly Dolls Showing at Cine Anny (Greek language)

The film will be featured from Monday 15 July to Wednesday 17 July. Opening time 21.00. The film is translated into Greek.

Long time ago, dolls were created to offer warmth and love to children. But where do the dolls come from? Somewhere between the end of the assembly line and the toy rack in stores there is a breathtaking land where all the dolls live. But so far none of those who reach children come from aschēmoúpolē, the place where all the incompatible, abandoned and imperfect dolls live. Among them: Ox, Moxie, weitz, babbo, pagerídas, and lucky. All of them are pleasantly ignorant of their particular and have a happy ignorance of every life outside their city, which is full of cheer, huge holidays and even bigger parties. In a world where imperfection prevails, no one judges anyone.

source – FB post of Cine Anny

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