(15-21/08/19) The Lion King showing in Cine Anny (20:30)

The film will be screened from Thursday 15/08/2019 to Wednesday 21/08/2019. Time from Thursday to Friday the movie will be screened in English and from Saturday to Wednesday the movie will be shown in English.
The movie will be projected from Thursday 15/08/19 utill Friday16/08/19 in English start time 20:30.

The Classic Disney movie from 1994, comes alive again, this time in a cgi and live action. The Lion King directed by Jon Favreau, travels all the way to the African Savannah where a future king is born. Little Simba is his father’s successor, Mustafa. Not everyone is happy in the kingdom, though, with the arrival of the little lion. Scar, his brother Mustafa-and until a former pretender to the throne – has other plans. The Battle for the throne will be water with betrayal, leading the situation into a tragedy, so that simba is banished. But with the help of his new friends, Simba will grow up and claim what is his and deprived.

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