15-year-old student hospitalized after beating in school yard

A high school student in Kefalonia was beaten in the courtyard of his school by a student from another school, after classes closed on Tuesday afternoon.

Specifically – and according to testimonies – a minor student, coming from EPAL Argostoli (high school student), entered the area of ​​the Ceramics Gymnasium, where he allegedly struck the 15-year-old, who was later transferred to the General Hospital. in person.

The offender was still attending the Ceramics High School until last summer, according to inkefalonia.gr.

Following a lawsuit filed by the student’s father who was injured, the underage student was arrested with the process of self-defense and this morning was taken to the Kefalonia Criminal Prosecutor.

“We struggle daily to prevent these behaviors in schools. Both me and the teachers’ club condemn the practice of violence, either inside or outside the schools, ”said the Director of Ceramics High School, Ms. Magdalini Argentakis.

Source – aftodioikisi.gr

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