(16/08/19) – Queen Bee as part of Argostoli Βαρκαρόλα events – (another great event you can attend)

On Friday, August 16th in Argostoli at 9.45pm the Municipal Benefit Company of Kefalonia (KED.KE) invites you to the Argostoli Bridge to enjoy a magnificent boat ride, “Orches on Sails”, on the Queen Bee , with seafood songs & cantatas by the Karaviotis brothers & their chorus companion.

We are waiting for you!!!

The President of KEDID.KE. &

HS Culture – Sport – Youth

Angel D. Constantakis

Whether on boat or shore the Argostoli Βαρκαρόλα on Friday should be a great visual and musical evening on the waterfront area.

Post script note the meaning of Βαρκαρόλα

The barcarolle or varkarolla (from the Italian word barca = boat), or on the ellinikotero lemvodia is type song or instrumental music, associated with boating , particularly in this Venetian gondola . From the repertoire of classical music, the barcarola distinguishes from Jacques Offenbach ‘s opera ” The Hoffman’s Tales ” , as well as Frederic Chopin ‘s “Barcar in Faster Major” .

The main feature of barcarola is none other than its rhythmic regimen , which is almost unobtrusive at a moderate 6/8 speed, reminiscent of rocking the gondola during the rowing. Although the species was known in the 18th century, the best known specimens date from the Romantic period . As her subject matter was particularly well-suited to the operatic texts of the time (libretto), arias in barcaras form an important part of Romantic opera works. Numerous composers, such as Joaquin Rossini , Wagner , Gaetano Donicietti, etc., have incorporated rhythms into their work, particularly in venues related to Venice., or boats in general. Folk music by Felix Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky ‘s baroque music , as well as other works written for both soloists and orchestras , stand out . In the 20th century the genre moved from opera to musical , through the more well-known works of George 

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