16 beaches in Kefalonia meet “Blue Flag” standard for 2019

The Hellenic Society for Nature Conservation, National Operator of the Blue Flag International Program in Greece, announced the award of coast, marinas and sustainable tourism vessels. With 515 award-winning coasts, Greece ranks 2nd in the world among 47 countries. It is worth noting that this year, in all 47 countries participating in the Program, Greece held 12% of the total awards. First in Greece this year, with 92 flags, the Regional Unity of Chalkidiki. The International Commission awarded this year 3,779 coasts, 695 marinas and 67 sustainable tourism vessels around the world.

The “Blue Flag” Program
“Blue Flag” is the most recognizable and widespread internationally eco-friendly quality symbol in the world. It has been awarded since 1987 to beaches and marinas that meet the strict award requirements. A prerequisite for awarding a “Blue Flag” coast is that the water quality in it is “Excellent”. No other quality grading, even “Good”, is acceptable to the Program. The award has a duration of one year.

Criteria of the Program
A. Clean sea and coast
“Excellent” bathing water quality, confirmed by sample checks as defined by EU and national legislation.
Do not discharge into the industrial and urban wastewater area without proper treatment and cleaning.
Sufficient waste bins to be emptied at regular intervals as well as special recycling bins.
Continuous, regular cleaning of the shore from garbage, cigarette butts, etc.
B. Coastal organization
Keeping the public informed about the quality of bathing water by posting the official results of the microbiological analyzes on the obligatory bulletin board on each coast.
Action plans to address any accidental marine pollution, with immediate public information.
Prohibition of the movement of vehicles and mopeds on the coast.
Prohibition of free camp.
Adequate hygiene facilities with a controlled drainage system.
C. Visitor Security
Presence of trained, graduate lifeguards in service, in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy and related legislation, or direct access to emergency telephone, rescue equipment and first aid.
Accessibility and provision of services for people with disabilities (IDPs).
D. Nature protection and environmental sensitization
Print information and coastal behavior guidelines as well as areas with sensitive natural environment, flora and fauna in the coastal area.
Organization of activities by the shore manager, confirming and realizing his interest in the natural environment of the coast and the need to protect it.
Implementation of specific environmental education actions for coastal visitors.

In Kefalonia the following beaches met ths criteria;

Agia Varvara-Katelios
Aragia Porou
Makrys Gialos
Megali Ammos
Mounta 1
Mounta 2
Bouka Gradakia


One thought on “16 beaches in Kefalonia meet “Blue Flag” standard for 2019

  • May 16, 2019 at 5:37 pm

    Well done Kefalonia you should be very proud of this great achievement

    Andy Betts, Leicester, UK


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