(17/03/20) – Daily Synopsis of Covid19 related issues impacting Kefalonia life


  • Rumoured restrictions on all travel will not be implemented at present
  • Most shops will be closed from Wednesday 18th with the exception of supermarkets, butchers, local stores, pharmacies, garages, animal feed shops, telephone shops, couriers, kiosks
  • Supermarkets are now permitted to open from 07:00 until 22:00 and open on Sundays
  • Restrictions in numbers at one time in shops will be controlled via card system issued at entrance
  • People arriving in Greece will be mandated to go into 14 days home self isolation.
  • Churches will be closed for all but funerals and personnel prayer.
  • Most offices are now operating only via email & internet no visiting without an appointment.
  • The villages of Damaskinias and Dragassia on the mainland have been isolated with people on home restriction due to local outbreaks.
  • KTEL have significantly reduced bus services both local routes and interconnecting to mainland 


  • Main British tour operators have cancelled any package trips in April as seasonal tourist hotels are closed until May.
  • Flights have either been cancelled or consolidated for April.


  • If you go as a group (couple)  to the supermarket only one of you will be allowed in the store
  • Ensure you have your residence pass with you to assist in proving your not a new arrival who should be self isolating.


Date 15/03/20 16/03/20 17/03/20 18/03/20 19/03/20 20/03/20 21/03/20
Identified cases  331 352          
Rise from previous day   21          
Identified cases Kefalonia 0 0          
Deaths in Greece   4          
Rise from previous day   0          


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