(17-18/08/19) – Robola festival in Frangata

The first Robola Festival in Frangata was organized in 1978, with great success. For the first time, the uniqueness and value of Robola emerged as a distinct local, cultural product, when no attempt was made to promote agricultural products.

The first weekend after the 15th of August has been held continuously since 1978. The visitor has the opportunity to sample local delicacies (boiled goat, local feta), plenty of free Robola wine, to experience local traditional dances from the Mermiga bands and to have fun at the genuine Kefalonian feast.

We are waiting for you all August 17th & 18th to celebrate with you with lots of fun, dancing and plenty of free Robola in the 41st year of Robola Celebration in Frangata.

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