Some interesting snippets from a meeting held in Zakynthos today , especially as here in Kefalonia we have felt the initial shock and several of the aftershocks totalling to date over 2700!

Coordinating Municipality || Patience and alert for post-seismic activity


Lots of seismic activity is still the last days, with the result that the tsunami is causing the keen concern of Zakynthian society because of the many vibrations of this magnitude that make them particularly noticeable. 
This was the reason for the meeting of the Emergency Needs Coordinator at the Town Hall of Zakynthos in the presence of Dr. Physics and Earthquake Investigator, Mr. Yiannis Kopanas, in order to re-inform them.
What was perceived by the positions was that the post-seismic sequence is in progress something for which citizens should be patient. At the same time, it should be on the lookout, regardless of whether or not it makes earthquakes, because, as Kopanas pointed out, Zante is a seismic island and there is always such a possibility. He referred to how the post-earthquake activity evolved after the earthquake of October 26, and he also stood in the fact that we feel them particularly since there is a slight shift towards hinterland.

Extension of 
Emergency Situation

In addition to the Mayor P. Kolokotsas and representatives of the Police, Port Authority and Fire Department, this present was given by the District Protection Commissioner, M. Mouzakis, who referred to the Request for a three-month extension to the situation in which has been proclaimed in Zakynthos since last October due to earthquakes, and was submitted by the Region of the Ionian Islands with a letter sent to the Secretary General for Civil Protection.
It is a well-known fact that the initial period expired on January 28, with Mr. Galatiatos justifying this request as “our appreciation is that some issues for which Zakynthos is declared in an emergency are not completed as procedures. We submitted the request from the General Secretary. Civil Protection for a one-month extension and I think it will be acceptable to have the opportunity to complete the procedures. ”

Necessity of the Center
It was also announced that the Mayor would officially send the request for the creation of a Research Center that will include all the innovative methods that will study and detect the seismic phenomenon and will constantly monitor the precursors and accompanying phenomena of each earthquake activity in the region. This is a one-way street in the face of seismic risk, especially in Zakynthos and Kefalonia. 
It is common to believe that once we live, we live and live with earthquakes, what we need is shielding in any form and meaning can be interpreted. The state is obliged to offer all those tools and scientific staff to provide every possible assistance.
It is reminded that a research center is worthwhile in the nature workshop that generates earthquakes in Zakynthos and Kefalonia, which have deposited to Eglalados human lives and invaluable losses of materials and intellectual goods. We owe it to our ancestors who experienced great earthquake disasters, we also owe it to the younger generations who, having knowledge of the natural phenomenon, made the first big step. They built after 1953, armored structures to cope much better with earthquakes of the future. The last earthquake that took place in Zakynthos was the biggest one in all respects after the devastating earthquake of 1953. And the earthquake-built Zakynthos may have resisted once again, but the post-earthquake vibrations that followed have confirmed to us that we live in one seismic workshop,


“Following on from the days of communication that I had with the citizens about the aftershock activity, which has shifted the focus to the core of Zakynthos and is becoming more noticeable, we have proceeded to this meeting with the participation of all the involved institutions, with the Region and other services. We decided that a research center on the earthquakes Kefalonia and Zakynthos is required and it is a requirement of the scientists and also to give instructions from the ordinary citizen of Zakynthos what to do when the earthquake is made and after the earthquake the precautionary measures we have said many times, the same in schools, hotels and everywhere, and to assure that there is no concern, Zakynthos can withstand and have no seismic problems. Simply put, we have to apply everything that is intended to deal with natural phenomena. And I thank K. Kopana and all the services here with us to coordinate “


“There was a very good meeting at the initiative of the Mayor. That must always be done. We have to be on alert whether it does or does not make earthquakes. Zakynthos is a seismic island. It has been built on earthquakes. All her years of history have recorded earthquakes in Zakynthos. So we should never be complacent, always ready and do not expect to tell us whether or not there will be a major earthquake. There is always the possibility. In this case, we do not have something specific to lead us to some concern, but we tell the Municipality that we have to be on our guard because in Zakynthos at any time and time a major earthquake may occur. I have shown that post-earthquake activity is evolving since the October 26 earthquake, which seems to feel that we really feel there is a shift of some centers on the main body of Zakynthos. But this is not necessarily worrying. We have to follow the phenomenon, scientists are more in Athens because we in Zakynthos have unfortunately no organs to follow ourselves and to be in a state of preparedness for anything that can happen “


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