(18/07/20) – At Koutavos Grove a wonderful evening with guitar and bouzouki @ 20:00

Σ. Αποκατανίδου, Γ. Δάφνος, Α. Σουγιούλ.

Simple and plain as in the 78 rpm recordings. A guitar and a bouzouki, the beat that dominates our rebetiko music tradition.

Melodies and rhythms both familiar and fresh no matter how many years go by. On the occasion of the composers of rebetika music and only restriction on their aesthetics, Giannis Dafnos and Alkaios Souyoul – members of the SUARE music band – present a selection of their favorite songs.

The program sweetens with her special performance, popular singer and songwriter Sotiria Apokatanidou

source – FB post of Φάρος Τοπική κίνηση πολιτών


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