(19/09/2020) – Saturday, September 19: Spend 3 minutes supporting the environment challenge

On Saturday, September 19, wherever we are, we dedicate 3 minutes of our time to the environment. Either individually or with our favorite team. 
The idea was born in quarantine, from our need to contribute to the environment. Throughout the summer, volunteers from different parts of Greece participated in the Green Challenge of the summer , devoting 3 minutes at a time to beautify the area around us.
Our timer now exceeds the original target of 2020 minutes and counts over 3000 minutes of love for the environment with individual actions in every corner of the country.

The Green Challenge bids us farewell with a great, global action

Every year in September, a big green wave of volunteerism sweeps the globe. A day when millions of volunteers from 180 countries take care of their environment, in an action that starts in New Zealand and ends 36 hours later in Hawaii. We are talking, of course, about World Cleanup Day.
What does “taking care of the environment” mean in practice? For example, picking up trash on the beach for walking or swimming, watering thirsty trees in the mountains, keeping our neighborhood park clean, providing food and water to a stray animal, planting a tree or putting up a beautiful, green touch in a favorite place.
And immediately after, we share the moment of our inspiration, creation, offer and good deed with the whole family of Let’s do it Greece , by uploading the relevant photo at www.letsdoitgreece.org .
On Saturday, September 19 , wherever we are, 3 minutes is enough to make a difference, sending a strong message to protect our planet.
We may not be close this time, but we are TOGETHER. And together, we will make our world better!

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