• Ainos remains closed today due to ongoing high fire risk rating fr Kefalonia
  • The Ionian regional governor described – Kefalonia in the best position in cleanliness but the worst in waste management. (full article soon on waste collection and treatment )
  • Schools will return as scheduled on 7 September with in some cases masks and continued social distancing.
  • The coastguard have assisted in rescue of two boats this week with problems, the L ‘ERG BLEU who was taking in water near Ithaca and MARILENA which had mechanical damage near Lourdas bay.
  • There have been a total of 61 coronavirus cases discovered at Ionian Islands Airports
  • Regarding the imported cases, according to the data of Civil Protection, most imported cases are recorded from
    • 88 cases from Romania,
    • 86 from Bulgaria,
    • 80 from Serbia,
    • 63 from Albania 
    • 29 from Sweden.

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