1st Floor Bathroom Refurbishment at Argostoli orphanage COMPLETED!!!

We couldn’t feel happier with the accomplishment of this project!
It seemed like a “crazy dream” in the beginning, but we just couldn’t sit back and leave the children living in such conditions. And before we knew it, such wonderful people from all over the world came together and through their valuable donations, efforts and time, made it possible!!!
All we have are words of GRATITUDE towards EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU for your loving support & contributions!

Now that these bathrooms have been delivered, we will start with the refurbishment of the ground floor bathrooms. Our budget is a little tight at the moment (due to some unforeseen building complications) so if any of you wish to take part in this exciting project and change these children’s lives forever, YOU STILL CAN, by donating here: https://chuffed.org/project/the-saviors-home-part-ii



Source -FB post of Aline Petratou

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