(20/03/20) – Daily Synopsis of Covid19 related issues impacting Kefalonia life


  • The Greek prime minster addressed the nation again last night on Greek TV discussing the need to follow the measures introduced, full transcript here.
  • Speculation that Greece was imminently going to close airports has not been confirmed but it is still being considered by the government who are monitoring if the existing controls are being adhered to before moving to potentially more strict controls.
  • Similarly there is a push to isolate the islands to incoming Greeks or foreigners but no further official guidance has bee issued.
  • All people arriving back into Greece now have to complete incoming forms detailing were they are staying for their isolation, period, contact numbers etc. It is likely checks will be carried out to ensure compliance with this process. (copies of forms at bottom of this message)
  • The potential cases of Covid19 at Argostoli results were returned and were negative.
  • A concise guide to all the measures has been issued by civil protection Greece.


  • The British foreign office have now advised against all but essential travel for the next 30 days
  • EasyJet cancelled all April bookings.
  • Aegean have dramatically cut flights through April, full information can be found here
  • Yesterday the Greek government announced that year round hotels would also be shut all around Greece to deter their use by people arriving back in the country.


  • We should not base our social isolation decisions in Kefalonia on the reported ‘no cases’ we should assume there are cases but they have not been identified yet as testing numbers are low and advice is to self isolate unless you have certain symptoms.
  • If your phone did not get last nights 112 emergency broadcast ensure your software has been updated since December 2019.
  • If you go as a group (couple)  to the supermarket only one of you will be allowed in the store
  • Ensure you have your residence pass with you to assist in proving your not a new arrival who should be self isolating. There have now been reported cases of British being stopped by the police and asked about their recent travel history.


Date 15/03/20 16/03/20 17/03/20 18/03/20 19/03/20 20/03/20 21/03/20
Identified cases  331 352 387 418 464    
Rise from previous day   21 35 31 46    
Identified cases Kefalonia 0 0 0 0 0    
Deaths in Greece   4 5 5 6    
Rise from previous day   0 1 0 1    

A live map and details on cases can be found here


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