Interesting story developing on local media, Foinos wines have been doing some experimental work ageing wine undersea near Farsa but they have been removed by authority.
This palette of our sunken wines, just recovered (February 20, 2019) violently from the sea!
It was intended to take a 200-Year-old “Utopia” journey in time, carrying wines and messages to any to beings survive in the future.
Messages for example from Greece’s first master of wine to the people of the future, calling them, if they don’t have wine, find out.
Messages from small children, to the children of the future, messages from the winery with information on all varieties and indication of wine in linear writing b,
Messages a lot in sealed white bottles that unfortunately returned us undelivered!
Bad omen that there will be no future?
Or Proof of a deficit and culture deficit by the local port authority that issued an irrevocable penalty and a lifting order?
The reasons for the decision: deterioration of the bottom! Infringement of legislation on ‘bad’ that adversely affect port or other works at the bottom!
I’ll see what I do with wines and undelivered messages and come back, starting with various messages to the port authority argostolíou!



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