2020 time change: When do we turn our clocks back one hour

The time change for 2020 will take place in the early hours of the last Sunday in October

On the last Sunday of October, the time changes as it does every year, with the hands of the clocks having to go back one hour in the early morning. Specifically, at 4 a.m. in the early morning we will turn the hands of the clocks one hour back.

The time change for 2020 will take place in the early hours of the last Sunday of October, specifically on October 25th. The issue that has been of considerable concern lately is the decision of the European Parliament, which voted to end the practice of adjusting clocks by one hour in spring and autumn by 2021.

According to the decision of the European Parliament, the change of time has not yet been “locked” because for the countries of the European Union, it should stop on the last Sunday of March 2021, which wish to maintain the summer time permanently, while for the states- members wishing for winter time, the change will take place on the last Sunday of October 2021.

In February 2018, the European Parliament asked the European Commission, in a resolution, to carry out a “thorough evaluation of the current summer time directive and to submit a proposal for its revision”.

The Commission held a public consultation in the summer of 2018, in which 4.6 million European citizens participated, of which 84% were in favor of stopping the half-yearly changes, while 16% were against.

On 12 September 2018, the European Commission submitted a proposal to stop the seasonal changes of the year in 2019, but Parliament postponed the decision of the Member States for two years. The measure of time change has as its main advantage the energy savings. In total, during the seven months of summer time we save 210 hours of electricity by taking advantage of the Sun.

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