(21/05/19) – Anniversary Of The Union Of Ionian Islands With Greece

For those of you about next Tuesday there will be a parade in Argostoli including marching bands to celebrate the liberation of Greece and the establishment of the Greek State, the Ionian Islands demanded their unification with Greece.

Despite its strong objection, Britain-together with France and Russia-signed on the 5th of June1863 the Treaty of London, according to which Britain gave up its role as the protector of the Ionian Islands. On May 21st 1864 the unification of the Ionian Islands with Greece became official.


General Bunting and illuminations all public and private shops, public entities, banks of houses and ships at berth in the morning Monday, the 20th th May 2019 until the evening Tuesday, the 21st th   May 2019.

MONDAY 20 MAY 2019

Time 12:00 pm: 

Memorial Delegation and deposition of wreaths by the authorities in the presence of the Lyceum of Greek Women Branch of Argostoli and delegations of students of schools in Argostoli, Education at the Monument of the Radostates Joseph Mosferatou, Ilias Zervou – Iakovatos and Gerasimos A. Livadas , at the Municipal Cemetery of Argostoli (Drapanos).

 TUESDAY 21 MAY 2019

08:00 am : Launch of the Flag.

Time 10:45 am : Official Doxology at the Metropolitan Church of Evangelistria, the Deputy Head of the Metropolitan of Cephalonia, Messrs. Dimitrios.

 After praise, the festive day will deliver the D / Director 6 th elementary school Argostoliou, n. MINETTA painter D / A address / Secondary Education Kefallinias

Time 11:45 am : Memorial Deposition and deposition of wreaths at the Monument of the Radostas.

Time 12:00 PM : Parade before officials, war victims, resistance groups, students, students from the municipal schools of Argostoli, scouts, guides, Lyceum of Greek women, actors etc., with the participation of the Dionysios Lavragas Philharmonic of the Municipality of Kefalonia , in the central square of Argostoli.

 At the festive events, the authorities and all the citizens of our prefecture are invited to attend.

The ritual of the ritual is requested by the Holy Metropolis of Kefalonia, the order of the Police Headquarters of Kefalonia and the port of Limenarchis of Argostoli.

The general command of the parade will be held by the professor of physical education, Mr. Gerasimos Pollatos.

The official of the Regional Unity of Cephalonia, Mr M. Klaudatos, is appointed as the official. Interested parties may register for wreaths at 2671360530-531 until Friday 17 May 2019.




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  • May 19, 2019 at 8:13 pm

    Wonderful to see the pride you have in your independenace…..God bless Kefalonia


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