(21/11/19) – Celebration of the Armed Forces Day

TOPIC: Armed Forces Celebration

 We know that the 21 to November 2019, Thursday will be celebrated with pomp and solemnity throughout the country “Armed Forces Day”.

This year’s celebration will include:

– General Bunting from 8 the morning hours until sunset on 21 th November 2019.

– Lighting of all Public and Municipal Stores as well as the Law Firms. and banks in the evening of 21 th November 2019.

08.15am : Capture the Flag

10.30am: Official Doxology at the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, choreographer of the Metropolitan of Kefallinia, etc. Dimitriou.

11.30am: Funeral service and wreath laying at the Monument to Heroes in the Napier Garden by the Political and Military Authorities and other bodies. A spokesman for the Association of Officers of the Speech will speak at the celebration of the Day.

17.10: Flag issue.

            The festivities invite the regular recipients of the official holiday and event programs and the citizens to attend.

            The rites are requested to be arranged by the Holy Metropolis of Kefallinia and the Order by the Kefallinia Police Department. Mr. Limenarchis Argostoli’s port.

            Mrs. Evangelia Samolis, an employee of the Regional Unity, is in charge of the ceremony. Declarations for wreath deposits until Wednesday, November 20, 2019, at 2671360530-531.




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