(21-23/08/20) – 6TH IONIAN FESTIVAL OF CLASSICAL VW in Kefalonia

Loyal to our appointment for the last 6 years, we are going strong for the 6th IONIO FESTIVAL of classic vw in Kefalonia, despite all the difficulties we are facing this year!!! Everything is ready, with a strong program with many SURPRISES!!

Photos from yesterday’s first arrivals ride!!


Something big is getting ready for 2020 for Kefalonia and the planning by our friends abroad has begun!!
Thank you to all our friends for all the support!!

We are waiting for you all at the 6TH IONIAN FESTIVAL OF CLASSICAL VW!! Our event has become an institution now, with pan-European interest!!!
MaurangeloLuigia thank you for all your support,We are waiting for you all

We can’t wait for the 6th Ionian VolksFest of Kefalonia next summer!!

I would like to thank you all my friends, for your Support!! It is amazing how the preparations and scheduling has started from our friends all around Europe!! We are looking forward to see you!!!

Source -FB post of Charis Amourgis


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