(22/11/2020) – Power outage in parts of Eryssos this Sunday

HEDNO / Kefalonia Region in the coming days plans necessary preventive maintenance works of its networks and facilities that supply electricity to the Region of Eryssos. The network of Eryssos is reminded that serious problems occurred during the recent severe bad weather IANOS due to a large number of trees that had fallen into the network.

The execution of the works requires temporary power outages that concern the areas of Eryssos from the height of Kournis. The next scheduled stop will take place on SUNDAY 22/11/2020 from 08:00 to 14:00.

Feedback will be unannounced and may take place before the scheduled time, so installations and networks should be considered to be CONTINUOUSLY UNDER VOLTAGE.

For safety reasons, access to pipelines or other elements is prohibited, even if they are on the ground. 

For additional power outages that will probably be required during the course of our work, we will inform you with newer Press Releases.

We are at your disposal for any additional information on the phones: 26710 25851, 26710 29286 ext.124, 125, 126.                              

Alexandra G. Gasparinatou

Kefalonia Regional Director         



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