We see a lot of threads on social media from our readers regarding “mental health” and this is a press release sent to us from ADEDY (equivalent of Civil Servants Union) highlighting the issues faced on Kefalonia at present due to lack of Psychiatry care available. Further context a patient in Kefalonia hospital tried to commit suicide yesterday.


Prefectural Department (NT) of Kefalonia Ithaca of ADEDY E-mail: adedykef@gmail.com

And another suicide attempt at the Hospital !!!

Stop the mockery of government – administrations !!!

To work now psychiatry and ICU !!!

“Before you speak” you were warned by ADDY’s Dietary Health Risks about the dangers of life in psychiatric patients due to the non-operation of the psychiatric clinic, a new suicide attempt occurred in Kefalonia. Again from a mentally ill patient hospitalized in a roughly shaped room of the pathology clinic. The fortune was that, marginally, the fate was avoided. In addition, the ICU is closed when, on the neighboring island of Zakynthos, we have recently been victimized for this reason and when the dangerous influenza epidemic is on the rise. It is immense political and administrative responsibility to have adequate space and full equipment for both psychiatry and the ICU and not to function as there is no staffing with the necessary human potential. Private-economic operation of state structures, private sector support, individual responsibility for patients. Be the line of all these, together with the EU – OECD – chapter. It is also unacceptable for the local government (Municipalities and Region) to demonstrate provocative silence and tolerate this situation for the major problem in the Prefecture.

The NA of ADEDY, with representatives of associations and organizations (EKKI, ELME-KI, Hospital Employees Association, etc.), reacted directly. He made a protest at the GNA Commander. Again, the representatives of the unions have urged solutions to be urgently delivered.

Specifically REQUIRED:

Let the psychiatric clinic finally work. Stop the shame of incapacitating the mental patients in the cell of the pathology clinic. Treat patients as patients and not as prisoners, as long as the medical protocols are depleted.

To support all other mental health structures in the county, with state responsibility, exclusively public and free of charge, and with full coverage of medical, nursing and other staff.

To operate the ICU, fully staffed.

Cover all vacancies provided by organizational charts for all health care settings in the county (Hospitals, Health Centers, Farm Hospitals, etc.).

Representatives of the unions also made it clear, in the most categorical manner, that they would not tolerate the return of the workers to the courts, as scapegoats. Government and administrations to stop “whispering indifferently”, since the above situation is now more open to Aeolus, with victims both of patients and workers, especially in the health sector.

Against these demands and the dynamic interventions of the representatives of the unions, Mr. Governor referred to the responsibility of the 6th REL. At the same time, he admitted that the most comprehensive solutions are political. He said that a psychiatrist, soon to be recruited, will be recruited in outpatient clinics !!! That is, initially, open hospitalization for psychiatric incidents will be sought, not the operation of the psychiatric clinic, which requires additional staff !!! For the ICU he reiterated his technocratic personal opinion that he does not “raise” the ICU prefecture because he has no incidents !!! He also took the unacceptable action to offend, with unacceptable hints, a union officer from the hospital corps.

The DA of ADEDY invites workers to take the health case into their hands. It does not happen another. WE MUST NOT THREAT OTHER VICTIMS. In the government’s war, the management logic of the appointed administrations, all loyal to the EU’s “cost-benefit” principle, tolerance and “unhealthy” encouragement for further “decentralization” required by the local administration Municipalities and Regions), there must be a total response. Take MEASURES NOW. Immediate implementation of the operators’ requests.

Argostoli 31/01/2019

The president The Secretary
Dimitris Mantzouratos Sophia Misalidou

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