(17/03/19) – Hydrocarbon Mining Meeting -Venue – Sami High School at 18:00

The inhabitants of the new municipality of Sami are invited, but also from where elsewhere from our island, the operators and representatives of movements, to the information about the hydrocarbon mines in the Ionian Sea.
The event will take place at Sami High School on Sunday 17 March at 6:00 in the afternoon.
The main speakers will be: 
Dimitris Ibrahim and Olivier Vardakoulias from the WWF,
 Anna-Maria Rener from GREENPEACE
 and Stavros Antypas-lawyer from the Open Meeting of Kefalonia and Ithaca on the extraction of the Ionian Sea.
Our participation is required as well as our full awareness of such serious interventions in our place that directly affect our lives.

Due to bad weather this event was cancelled yesterday(23/02/19) , when a new date becomes available we will update

A very important event to inform the local community in Kefalonia on the big issue of hydrocarbon mines and their impact on the environment, the economy and society will take place on Saturday, February 23  at 18:00 in Sami , in particular in the Gymnasium of the area.

The event will involve the distinguished Cephalonian seismologist and very dear to our island,  , the  with the head of the campaign against mining in the Ionian, Dimitris Ibrahim , the  to be represented by a member of Anna-Maria Renner and lawyer  .

The actual briefing of the residents of northern Kefalonia and beyond comes almost two months after the very successful event at the Korgialenio Library, where in a packed room the necessary data was given that puts the gravity of the mines for Kefalonia and Ithaca and overall for the Ionian Sea.

The very next day, that is Sunday, February 24, the conversation will be “transported” to Ithaca, where they will be informed of the cruelty of the mines and the inhabitants of Ithaca. 

In Sami, the event organizes organizations and clubs in the region, namely the Sami Village Citizens Movement, the Aegialos Cultural Association, the Sami Naval Sports Club , the Ionic Ionian Association, the Cultural Association of Zerata “Agios Ioannis” and the EES Grozoton “Ilias Zervos”. 

source – kefalonitikanea.gr


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