(23/03/19) KAT’s AGM at Happiness Restaurant Karavados

KATs will be holding their annual AGM on Saturday 23rd March, at Happiness Restaurant, Karavados, starting at 12-noon. Coffee and tea will be on sale

Everyone is welcome, especially as it is an occasion where committee members are voted on and so it would be great for other like-minded folks to join us. Being on the committee may not be your thing but we are always in need of help with transporting animals to and from the vets, as well as coming up with fresh ideas for fundraising etc. We are only a small charity and we are running a very successful neutering programme and therefore extra pairs of hands are always most welcomel!

anyone wishing to join the committee, must be a paid up member for at least 2 years as per our constitution

any items for the agenda must be sent to the secretary catherine candy (cathycandy21@yahoo.co.uk) by 16th March

We look forward to seeing you.


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