Corfu, 07 April 2020


Monthly activity of the police services of the Ionian Islands

A total of (257) people were arrested and (41) cases involving theft and burglary, drug trafficking and possession, as well as other offenses were investigated.

In the context of the continuous information of the citizens, regarding the results of the police response, of the services of the General Regional Police Directorate of Ionian Islands, for the period of March 2020, data concerning all arrests and searches in Corfu, Zakynthos, Kefalon are published. and Lefkada as well as the most important cases that concerned the police services.


1. A total of (257) people were arrested, of which (198) in Corfu, (25) in Zakynthos, (23) in Kefalonia and (11) in Lefkada.

Of these arrests, (12) stand out for burglary, (16) for drug trafficking and possession, and (31) for the arrest of illegal aliens.

2. A total of (41) cases were identified, of which the following stand out:

  •  (12) cases of theft and burglary
  •  (11) cases for drug trafficking and possession and
  •  (18) for other offenses

3. During the investigation of the cases that occupied the Police Services, various objects were confiscated, among which stand out :


125 grams

Raw hemp

64 grams

Drug pills


Knives, gloves


Indicatively, among the cases that were investigated during the examined period, the following stand out:

  •  The arrest of two locals in Corfu, on 13-03-2020 for drug trafficking.
  •  The arrest of six (6) people in Corfu and Zakynthos, on 22.03.2020 for violating the measures to avoid and limit the spread of coronavirus.
  •  The arrest of two people in Corfu, on 24.03.2020 for heroin trafficking in Corfu.

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