(24/08/19) – This celebration in Assos on the evening after dusk should be an amazing spectacle


The Cultural Association “ASSOS” and KEDIKE organize an all-day festival in Assos on August 24, the day of Saint Cosmas of Aitolos.

This year’s Magic Boar Anniversary is dedicated to the memory of our beloved President Stavros Kokkolis, who recently left us.

The event includes:

Morning 24/08/19: Brilliant Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy at the Church of Our Lady, followed by a liturgy of the image of the Olive tree preached by Patrocosm with the accompaniment of the Philharmonic.

Evening 24/08/19, 21:00: In the closed amphitheatric port of Assos, where glittering and shiny boat, adorned with infinite lamps as jewellery, our distinguished musicians Karaviotis Bros, with their characteristic Kefalonian voices, will sing our songs and sing our songs Christina Rokkou, who so loves her place and wants to contribute to our cultural events.

The houses around Assos beach illuminated with candle and lantern light form unique images that create a brilliant show with sound and vibrant colour spot lighting, with unparalleled feelings of excitement and joy.

The celebration in the square will not take place this year, thus expressing our respect and sadness for the loss of our fellow citizen and President of the Stavros Kokkolis Association.


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