(24/10/20) – Free sterilisation for stray animals in Lixouri Peninsula

The Municipality of Lixouri invited the Volunteer Action of Veterinarians of Greece to Lixouri, with the cooperation and support of the animal animal team of Lixouri as well as the consensus of all veterinarians of Kefalonia, the Volunteer Action of Veterinarians in Lixouri in order to carry out FREE sterilizations.
Sterilization will take place on Saturday 24/10 from 9:00 am. m until 8:00 pm and Sunday morning from 9:00 to 10:30 am. m in the area of the closed gym of Lixouri.
We invite you all to support this effort in practice and let’s all help stop uncontrolled babies and reduce the number of strays immediately.
Those of you who have in mind or under your care of a stray pet contact your Presidents of your Communities or the daily department of the Municipality at 2671091018 in order to be informed about the whole project.
Become Helpers and supporters in this great move, which takes place for the first time in Lixouri and come prove that ALL TOGETHER WE CAN help, change the image of our country and become a step of culture and progress.
From the press office of the Municipality of Lixouri

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