(24/11/19) – Celebration of National Resistance

TOPIC: Celebration of National Resistance

 The National Resistance against the occupation troops 1941-44, the extension and completion of the Albanian Epic, the Macedonian forts and the Battle of Crete, was the work of all the Greeks who with their forces opposed the conquerors and fought for their warriors. .

In order to effectively impose a minimum tribute on all those men, women, and children who fought, tortured, or fell heroically by offering the maximum in support of the struggle of our people in the black years of occupation, the Greek State established in Article 10 of it. n.1285 / 1982 the anniversary of the Battle of Gorgopotamos as a National Day of Celebration of our National Resistance. The above battlefield of resistance action in Greece is at the same time thanks to its unifying character, a shining example for future generations.

This year’s celebration of National Resistance will take place on Sunday, November 24  2019

The Celebration includes:

– General Bunting throughout the country, from 8 to

– Lighting of all Public, Municipal Stores, as well as Public Law Offices. and banks from sundown until the early hours of 24 th November 2019.

      08.15am : Capture the Flag.

10.30am: Official Doxology at the Metropolitan Church of Evangelistria.

11:00 am :Memorial wreath laying and wreath laying at the National Resistance Monument in Xenia, by the political and military authorities of the place, representatives of the resistance organizations, political parties and bodies.

17.10: Flag issue.

            The festivities invite the regular recipients of public holiday and event programs and the citizens to attend.

            The rites of worship are kindly requested by the Holy Metropolis of Kefalonia. The police department of Kefalonia. Mr. Limenarchis Argostoli’s port. Mrs. Evangelia Samolis, an employee of the Regional Unity, is in charge of the ceremony. Declarations for wreath deposits until Friday, November 22, 2019, at 2671360530-531.

                                                            THE DEPUTY REGISTER

                                                       P.E. KEFALONIA AND ITHAKIS

                                                             STAVROS P. TRAVLOS

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