(26/05/19) St George Castle to Sissia Monastery

14km of Holy Procession will take place, tomorrow, sunday 26/05, in Kefalonia with the icon of the Virgin Mary.

Believers from all over the island, will start at 7:30 in the morning and arrive at 11 in the Castle of the Holy Monastery of Sission.

From the oldest monasteries of Kefalonia, the monastery of Sission is located in the province of Livathos, near the village Simotata, just outside Argostoli. Its history begins in the 13th century and according to tradition, its founder was Francis of Assos himself. The Catholic monastery was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and belonged to the Latin Diocese of Kefalonia.

The monastery of Sission became a little later Orthodox, as it remains until today. The monastery is known in Kefalonia as “Panagia in Sissia”, with this name having its roots probably in the word “Assos”. The “Panagia of Sission”, the icon of the monastery of Sission, is the work of the 15th century.

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