(26-28/08/19 After – showing at Cine Anny 21:30

The movie is featured from Monday 26/08/2019 to Wednesday 28/08/2019 opening time 21:00

Based on Anna Todd’s international best seller, read more than 1,6 billion times, after is the new phenomenon in twilight and 50 shades of grey.

A diligent student, committed daughter and loyal to her school girlfriend, Tessa young starts her first year in college with great ambition for the future. She spends her days focused on her programme and with strong commitment to her goal and tasks.

Her organized and honest world collapses when she knows the mysterious Hardin Scott with his confused brown eyes, his cocky British accent and many tattoos. Hardin is the wild and tough guy Tessa would normally ignore. And so she did – until she found herself with him late at night in a lake, magnetized by his drunk energy.

As Tessa experiences her first contact with freedom, begins a journey of self-awareness and sexual awakening that will change her forever. She discovers a voice and an inner passion that she didn’t even know she had and she realizes that there is her life before Hardin and her life…

Directed by: Jenny Gage
With them: Selma Blair, Peter Gallagher, Jennifer Beals, Josephine Langford

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