26 April Kefalos Theatre in Argostoli :The first big event of the Association of Winemakers of Kefalonia :Open to the public from 18:00

The six wineries of the Association, Gentilini, Ktima Charitatou, Orealios Gi, Petrakopoulos Winery, Sarri Winery and Sklavos Winery, invite you to the Argostoli Theater “Kefalos” on Easter Tuesday, April 26, to try them with them. winemakers and get to know the wine of Kefalonia better which is gaining more and more ground both in the domestic and in the world market.

Along with the tasting of the wines, you will taste delicacies from Catering Stateris and the cheese dairies of Giannaki and Galiatsatos.

The event is open to the public from 18:00 until 22:00. April 26, Argostoli Theater “Kefalos”.
Following all measures for covid-19.

Many thanks to our sponsor, catering Stateris and our supporters, Giannaki cheese factory and Galiatsatos cheese factory as well as the Argostoli theater “Kefalos”.

You can find out more on facebook and Instagram @kefaloniawinemakers.

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