26 September – Ainos Mountain Marathon

The Association of Friends of Pyrgos “The Ainos”, with the help of the Ionian Islands Region and the assistance of the Ainos organization and the tourism committee of the municipality of Argostoli, organizes the mountain marathon “Ainos Mountain Marathon”.

The mountain “Ainos Monte Nero” (for the Venetians) in Kefalonia, hosts the runners of the Ainos Mountain Marathon on September 26, 2021. The distance is 41km, with a cumulative positive altitude of 2500 meters.

The paths of Ainos that the race will cross extend throughout the mountain cross the entire ridge with stunning views of the surrounding islands and the mountains of Central Greece and the Peloponnese.

The race is aimed at experienced mountain runners as it includes technical trails and demanding terrain.

Start of the Race at 07:00 a.m. from the village of Pyrgi in the square of the church of Agios Pantos in the settlement of Harakti.

From the square we descend the asphalt and at 550 m we enter a path that then becomes uphill. At the 3rd km on the edge of the fir forest we follow the dirt road on the left. At 4.5 km in the wells position is the 1st Stack of the race. At this point on the right we enter a beautiful continuous uphill path for 3.5 km. We exit on a dirt road located at the 2nd Stack. Then we turn left on a gentle downhill that ends at the 3rd bar at 12 km at Petasi or “Kissos”. Here we enter right on a path that leads us to the beginning of the ridge of Ainos. “This part of the route at an altitude of over 1500 meters is probably the only island in the world with a panoramic view of the sea for 8.5 km.” We will pass by the highest peak of the mountain “Megas pile” (1628 m.

We continue the path of the ridge and in 3km we reach the asphalt. At 300 meters we turn left on a steep path that leads us to the lowest altitude west point of the route. It is the most technical (difficult) part of the route with a steep, vague path in the last 400 meters.

On the dirt road we meet we turn right and at 700 meters at 26km is the 5th post. It is important to be supplied with water because turning right we enter a sunny steep with a difficult terrain uphill path for 3km which then through a fir forest goes to the position “Zea” at the gate of the Forest at 31km where is the 6th Stek.

Then follows a downhill road path for 3km. Then we meet a dirt road on the right and at 37km we find the 7th Stack. Here we turn left and from a downhill path we reach the asphalt and passing through the settlements of Tsakarisiano, Sofata and Digaleto where we finish the race in the square where we started.

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