(27-28-29/12/19) -The Adams Family showing at Kefalos Theatre 19:00

At the Municipal Theater of Argostoli “KEFALOS” continues the program of Municipal Cinema with the animated film:

The Adams Family

Animation 2019 | Color | Duration: 86 ′
Suitable for all ages

American- Canadian Film, Directed by Greg Tyran , Conrad Vernon

Moving to a secluded tower to escape the men who consider them monsters threatening, members of the eccentric Adams family have not figured out little Wendside’s desire for companionship and the sneaky moods of a famous teleperson.


Friday 27/12 : 7pm

Saturday 28/12 : 7.00pm

Sunday 29/12 : 7.00pm

The President of KEDIDKE

Spyros A. Pefanis

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